An Investigative Study on the Book of Matthew

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Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Submission Date An Investigative Study on the Book of Matthew Introduction This is an investigative study on the first book of the New Testament, Matthew. The study will involve a thorough evaluation of the scriptures, concentrating on such aspects as its original language, genre, social setting, author, theological perspective, later reception, etc.


By concentrating on the Jewish tradition, the writer leads to a conclusion that he must have been a Jew and that the book was written in a Jewish community. It is speculated that the book was written in the first century AD. Also, the writer concentrates a lot on the Old Testament prophecies of the coming of Messiah, and this, too, leads to the same conclusion, i.e. that he must have been a Jew. The chronology of the book of Matthew covers a vast spun of time. It dates back before the birth of Jesus Christ, as is revealed by the prophecies, dwells on the life and work of Jesus on the Earth and also touches on the future when Jesus would come again. Scholars have also noted that the book of Matthew borrows a lot from the book of Mark, the writings commonly referred to as the Q-source and Jewish custom material. The original language was Greek. Following the closeness between the book of Matthew and Luke, the conclusion follows that the book was written by Matthew, one of Jesus’ disciples, who was a tax collector (Freeborn 156). David Sim, in his article “Matthew and the Pauline Corpus,” shows that the writer of this book had much knowledge of the epistles written by Paul. ...
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