Paul the Apostle's view of the Law/Torah in Galatians

Paul the Apostle
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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Conclusion 9 Name Course Course Instructor Date Paul the Apostle's Views of the Law/Torah in Galatians Introduction Christian and the law is one of the most debated issues in evangelism. Pauline epistles, which focus on the issue of law forms the bases used in understanding Christian law.


Understanding Paul’s view about the law is crucial in understanding theology. This is because Apostle Paul wrote most of the apostolic writings regarding law or Torah. Paul’ letter to the Galatians has been interpreted in varying perspectives. However, most people feel that the letter to the Galatians taught against the law. Most theologians have used scriptures from the Galatians to argue that Mosaic Law also referred to as the Torah was abolished and replace by the new covenant. Paul wrote the letter to the Galatians to address a problem that was occurring amongst them. However, the problems he intended to address are not mention in this letter. It thus becomes hard to determine the actual meaning of his answers. This paper focuses on analyzing Paul the Apostle's view of the Law/Torah in his letter to the Galatians. Overview of Law or Torah Among all Pauline epistles, Galatians is exceptional due to its focus on law. Paul attacks the Mosaic Law emotionally and attempts to persuade the Galatians against being bound by the law. The term law is used to refer to the norms used by a group of people to direct their conduct. Law can also be defined as a set of regulations as well as guidelines used to guide the behavior of people. ...
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