The Catholic Church and Sexuality

The Catholic Church and Sexuality Essay example
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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date The Catholic Church and Sexuality Introduction The Catholic Church has voiced its opinions on the various issues that pertaining to sexuality. This is because of the spiritual sanctity that Christians are supposed to posses. The Church has on many occasions taken sides on the most issues relating to sexuality so as to advice its flock accordingly.


This is because the catholic still enjoins and enforces though in a subtle way complete obedience and docility on the principle of Roma locuta causa finite (Rome has spoken no more debate). The church has went ahead and imposed sanctions to members who have expressed divergent views on its dogmas and doctrines. In the recent times it has been observed that many Westerners, scholars, Catholic priests and nuns around the world have rejected the Catholic Church stand on sexual morality because of what they consider as lack of conformity with reality concerning sexual situations. Because in real situation if we go by the Catholic Church’s stand then incidences of unwanted pregnancies, procured abortions, sinkers and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) will spontaneously shoot to uncontrolled levels. Discussion The Catholic Church is considered as the most conservative force with respect to attitudes towards the accepted codes of social behavior. This requires that none of the Catholic faithful goes against its doctrines. ...
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