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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Introduction Christians believe in the existence of a single and most powerful superpower. They use the church for worship and education purposes. The church from a Christian point of view is not just the physical building, rather it constitutes the congregation as well as the believe system of the Christians.


Believably, the gifs come from God and are given by the Holy Spirit to the deserving Christians. It is against this background that this paper provides an in depth analysis of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It argues that all gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today but some have ceased and are inexistent. To ensure a coherent view, it begins by defining the concept of spiritual gifts. Defining a Spiritual Gift The concept of a spiritual gift is complex and all encompassing. A spiritual gift is akin to spirituals, implying that it belongs to the spirit. In addition to having characteristics of a holy spirit, the gift is controlled by the spirit. Generally, Boice defines it as a special capability given by God which enables Christians to serve the church effectively1. They are supernatural in nature and Christians need them in order to fulfil different missions in the church environment. They are given graciously by God to any individual He feels can serve the church according to His wishes. From these considerations, individuals who are gifted do not earn the respective gifts. Neither do they deserve them. They are merely given sovereignty and freely by the Almighty God. They are not rewards and therefore everybody is entitled to them. ...
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