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Fasting in Hinduism and Islam Name Institution Date             Fasting in Hinduism and Islam Introduction Fasting is mostly used as a religious term to describe an act of willingly abstaining (Adlakha, 2005) from some or all types of drink, food or both of them for a given period…


Particularly, both Hinduism and Islam embrace fasting to certain limits as part of their religion practices. Fasting in Hinduism is embraced as quite an integral component of the Hindu’s religious practices. However, local customs and personal beliefs determine the different kinds of fasts individuals undertake. This is to say that fasting in Hindu is done differently based on individual factors. On the other hand, fasting in Islam is also viewed as one of the most (Adlakha, 2005) valuable parts of the religious practices. Five pillars of religion to which fasting are observed as the fourth one among these pillars guides Islam. In Islam, unlike Hinduism, there are specific periods in which every Muslim is expected to first. For instance, during the month of Ramadan; notably the period in which most Muslims fast (Desika, 1997). Comparing Fasting in Hinduism and Islam Both religions might share a number of similarities in the way they undertake their fasting. However, there are significant differences. These differences emanate from the way it has practiced, the days and the purpose that make every religion to fast. In Hindu, fasting is done differently in that some sections of the Hindus fast on a number of days of the month such as the Ekadasi, pradosha, and Purnima. ...
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