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Clients Name Professors Name Class Date Christianity Compared to Muslim Traditions Introduction In the year 1689 John Locke argued that no citizen of a state should be denied rights merely based on their religious beliefs. On the basis of this argument, a radical change spread across the Western nations, beginning in the New World and eventually into the European states towards a tolerance and level of acceptance that was intended to provide everyone the same opportunities without regard to their religious affiliation (Lewis and Churchill, 1).


If looked at from an observational perspective, however, the religions are not that far apart in their beliefs or in the practice of those beliefs. While aspects of the Islamic and Christian religion are very far apart, the central ideas that hold each of the religions together are very similar in practice. Perspectives on Christianity Christianity encompasses a number of different denominations that all have small differences in the way in which they worship. Denominational differences primarily occurred during the time of the Reformation after Martin Luther took exception to the idea of selling forgiveness by the Catholic Church. The Christian religion has undergone a long list of changes from its beginning. The followers of Christ were originally rebels against a polytheistic society. After centuries of spreading the word, European followers were suddenly the oppressors creating wars and hosting invasive organizations like the Inquisition which judged and harmed. ...
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