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relationship between the subject you have chosen and the Bible

It has been conjectured that the Hebrew Bible assumed its present form around the second century AD (Encyclopaedia Britannica). Interestingly, those believe in the Bible contend that it is perfect and that though science has been subject to errors, no such defect is to be found in the Bible. These people further contend that whatever pertaining to science is mentioned in the Bible, is totally accurate (Encyclopaedia Britannica). God provided man with considerable information in the Bible, and only now has science started to catch up with this information. The Bible is correct when it discusses even the most difficult subjects in nature or physics. God was favourably disposed to the patriarch Abraham, whom he promised at Genesis 13:16 to provide with innumerable descendants (Let Us Reason). Cosmology was nothing new to the Hebrew Bible, which clearly states at Genesis 15:5 that the stars are uncountable. This is reiterated at Jeremiah 33:32, which declares that the stars cannot be counted. At this juncture, it should be noted that these biblical quotes related to a time when there were no telescopes. At that stage of development, man was able to number the stars. For instance, Hipparchus, arrogantly declared that the number of stars was 1,026. This was increased to 1,056 by the Roman Ptolemy after 150 years (Let Us Reason). ...Show more


[Name of the Student] [Name of the Professor] [Name of the Course] [Date] Relationship between Science and the Hebrew Bible The Hebrew Bible provides a narrow monotheistic interpretation of human life and universe as the creations of God. This partial structure has been adopted as the unvarnished truth by Judaism, Christianity and Islam…
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