An analysis into the Biblical Story of Jonah

An analysis into the Biblical Story of Jonah Research Paper example
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# An Analysis into the Biblical Story of Jonah The Biblical concept of truth is one that is integrated with the believer and/or reader from the very earliest texts of the Old Testament. As such, the truth represents a key component of salvation that is later represented in the New Testament.


As a further means of understanding these complexities, this brief research paper will delve into the determinants of the story of Jonah and seek to find the most compelling and powerful comparisons and references to other Biblical concepts as can be found. The first aspect of the story of Jonah that bears mention is the time period in which tit took place. As anyone who has a modicum of understanding with regards to the nation of ancient Israel can readily attest, the nation was one that soon became drunk on their own “chosen” status. Whereas it was indeed iterated by God time and again throughout the Old Testament that He had set them aside as a people and that they were indeed his most believed among all the earth, the underlying purpose for this was all too often forgotten or missed entirely by the shareholders and religious leadership within the country. ...
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