The call to good conduct in Christ

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The Call to Good Conduct in Christ Student’s Name University Name Introduction It is a fact that Scriptural interpretation is a matter that is important in revealing the intended meaning out of a pericope, and knowing the mind and intent of God. Known properly as hermeneutics, understanding Scripture and unraveling the puzzles in Biblical Scripture will become a possibility when applied.


As a scholar in the making, it is imperative that I take a standpoint on the debate at hand, by postulating that the answer to the argument entails both elements of a yes and a no. First, by referring to the ways and thinking of the Gentiles as being darkened in understanding St. Paul means that the Gentiles lost consciousness of the presence of the true God. This can be explained by the fact that God in Genesis 12 had chosen the nation of Israel as an instrument of His revelation to the world and thereby handed the Law, the Scripture, religious traditions and above all Jesus the Christ through Israel. As such, unlike the gentiles who had no uniform source of specific and divine revelation of the true God, Israel had a covenant which consisted of the law and the prophets. In the Law there was the (old) covenant, the sacrificial system, circumcision on the eighth day of a male child’s life, the kosher law, law on dressings and law which governed man-man relations and man-God contacts. Besides these, the Jew had been blessed with the prophets who called them to repentance, reproved them, exhorted them, and gave them divine oracles concerning God’s will at a specific time. ...
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