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Introduction This paper examines the War Scrolls or the 1QM scrolls found amongst the Qumran Scrolls which relates to warfare in Ancient Israel. The paper is in two sections. The first section examines the major content, history, interpretation and scholarly sources on the Scrolls.


It is a manual that lays out military strategy and organization for a serious war that seems to be the final showdown of years of divergence amongst two different groups of people (Schiffman & VanderKam, 2000, paragraph 5). These groups are indicated in the scrolls as the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness (Yadin, 1962, 3) From my point of view, I think that the War Scrolls envision the theoretical framework and conception of a group of people who belonged to the sect that hid the Qumran Scrolls in the cave. I infer this logically because at the time that the scrolls are dated (that is 50 BCE), Ancient Israel was under Roman Rule. Roman Rule was seen by many Jews of Ancient Israel as a rule perpetrated by people of an evil background. This is because many sources including the Christian New Testament indicate that the Jewish people of Ancient Israel had little regards for non-Jews. They also saw the rule of Rome as some form of evil oppression that prevented Jews from carrying out the commandments in the Laws of Moses. So it appears that the scrolls meant the final wars and battles that would be fought between Israel and the Roman nation that would ultimately liberate Israel from its enemies. However, there are numerous interpretations that have various logical backings. ...
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