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Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder

The genre of this book is unclear. Some analysts claim it is a fable, novel, fairy story, theoretical and more. Jostein Gaarder is well known for his other work in the book Sophie’s World. Generally, Gaarder is only interested in the ideology that people should think and notice that they are alive. In addition, the people should appreciate the environment they live in citing that the world is a fascinating place. The book “The Solitaire Mystery” requires thought, as the ideas in it require a good consideration and concentration. As such, several analysts would claim that reading this book is not easy however, for students and researchers it serves as a very good reference. The book is controversial and one could think that it is written for the younger generation only. However, after thorough reading and understanding this book, one finds that there are hidden meanings and concepts that are very useful. For the interested parties in reading this book, one of the requirements is close attention since complications may rise especially when a reader discovers that there are stories within a story. Due to the cleverness of the text, intelligence is required for any interested reader. The solitaire mystery consists of two seemingly separate stories which include Hans Thomas and the sticky bun book.Twelve year old Hans Thomas goes on a search for his mother. Accompanying him is his father from their home town in Norway to Greece ...
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The genre of this book is unclear. Some analysts claim it is a fable, novel, fairy story, theoretical and more. Jostein Gaarder is well known for his other work in the book Sophie’s World. Generally, Gaarder is only interested in the ideology that people should think and notice that they are alive…
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