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Table of Contents Page Introduction 2 Billy Graham – A Comprehensive Biography 4 Billy Graham – Politics 9 Billy Graham – How He Does It 11 Conclusion 15 Introduction A common theme in Christian sermons, be they Catholic, Protestant or any other denomination, is to go out into the world and spread the Gospel – which is something Billy Graham has dedicated his entire life to.


Many of these missionaries were even threatened into ceasing their mission and renouncing their faith, often under pain of death and dismemberment – only to prove their complete and utter dedication to God’s word by serenely choosing the latter. Indeed, the determination and tenacity of these evangelists cannot be denied. Among the earliest of them was St. Peter, who ended up dying in almost the exact same way as his Master – the one difference being that he was crucified upside-down, after deeming himself unworthy of the exact same death as Jesus. Joan of Arc was yet another example, even praying as she was being burned alive. Sts. Francis Xavier and Stanislaus Kostka also serve as examples of nobles who gave up a life of privilege in order to do God’s work on here on earth, even to the point of dying alone in faraway lands. Even the Third World has its own such saint in Lorenzo Ruiz, who along with his compatriots was executed in Japan for trying to convert the locals to Christianity. ...
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