Was Jesus Like Adam Before or After the Fall?

Was Jesus Like Adam Before or After the Fall?  Research Paper example
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Was Jesus Like Adam Before or After the Fall?
Idea: The study of the nature of Christ is easily the most difficult and challenging theme because of is its highly controversial history.


In other words, Jesus was reached by sin but not contaminated.

Adam, Sin and Its Consequences to the World
A. The Nature of Adam Before the fall
According to Cairus, God created man in his own likeness, and gave man dominion over the earth. He created man to not only sing his praises, to manifest his glory and worship Him, but also to create a fellowship with Him. Man was created in God’s image, but was not a reflection of God, but was more like a painting – Cairus makes the example that the sun may reflect upon the water, and this is an image of the sun; a painting may also make an image of the sun. One, the reflection upon the water, represents the sun itself making an image; the other consists of a creation of the sun on a canvas. The way that God made man was more like the painting then the reflection upon the water. So, like a van Gogh making a self-portrait, God essentially created a self-portrait when he created man. Moreover, only man was created in the image of God, according to Cairus, and this was shown by the fact that the land the creatures of the world, created before God, were pronounced “good,” while the creation of man was pronounced by God to be “very good.” ...
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