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Christian Thought + Hindu Tradition - Research Paper Example

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Christian Thought + Hindu Tradition

The process of his conversion was not easy; he imbibed various religious philosophies and ultimately formed his own viewpoint about religion and theology. (Frend, 651-653; Ehrman, 80-81). 2. Donatism was a movement of the masses. It was formed by the union of a group of angry Carthaginian people and a set of uncompromising Numidian population. Donatus was the founder of the movement and he believed that as there was only one God, his Church was also one and it was characterized by purity. The movement gained considerable success and became a representative of the Christian and African religious ideals. North Africa under the Donatist movement gathered itself around its bishops and following the Cyprus and the Donatist ideals almost became a Christian society. (Frend, 653-656). 3. Tyconius’s Rules about exegesis significantly influenced the interpretation of the Scripture during his succeeding times. The philosophies of Bede and Beatus of Libana of the eighth century were both influenced by the ideals of Tyconius. Tyconius belonged to the Donatist Movement and his work exhibited the influence of the layman on the Christian Church’s theology. Maximian belonged to the family of Donatus. His philosophies represented a moderate standpoint inside the Church and were successful in gaining the support of about 100 bishops of Africa and Byzacena. (Frend, 657-658). 4. Augustine’s father, Patricius was of pagan origin, his mother Monica, belonged to Christianity. He was brought up on Christian ideals and his mother had a significant moral influence on his upbringing. His father stressed on his classical education and infused him with an ambition to have a public career. Augustine was tutored by Maximus of Badora. From Thagaste he moved to the school of Madaura situated on the northern part of Numidian high plains. In 371c he traveled to study at Carthage in Rome. In Carthage he pursued two philosophies: namely Manichaeism and another faith which advocated undivided wisdom through philosophy. Augustine returned to Thagaste in 375c. (Frend, 659-660). 5. The Manichaeist philosophy believed that Christianity combined reason and revelation in a truly spiritual process of worship. The Manichaeists advocated that it was not necessary to worship God at nay altar. Augustine was closely associated with this movement. His allies included Fortunatus, a byter of the press in Hippo, Cornelius an intellectual man, Alypius also a resident of Thagaste, Honoratus, and a pagan converted to Manicheism and Nebridios who followed Augustine through the movement to Platonist Christianity. Therefore the Manichaeists comprised a zestful intellectual society that valued Augustine for his good qualities. (Frend, 660-661). 6. Donatism was popular among the Christians in North Africa. The philosophy propagated theory of Christian martyrdom, which in the opinion of Augustine was no better than Paganism. Augustine searched for a synthesis between philosophy and the ideals of Christianity. He was prepared to reject the Old Testament as the word of God and accept a dualistic interpretation of the Christian religion. On the other hand the Donatists were in favor of imposing a ritualistic philosophy on their followers, which in turn was not acceptable to Augustine. (Frend, 661-662). 7. According to the opinion of Pelagius the Bible should be followed without questioning. He further believed ...Show more


Worksheet No.19 1. Augustine’s conversion came about as a culmination of his prayers to God. In his account about his own experiences he claimed that he traversed six stages in a man’s life from infancy to old age (at 43) before he had successfully achieved conversion…
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Christian Thought + Hindu Tradition essay example
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