Jewish Trial of Jesus in Marks Gospel: Historical Problems

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Religion and Theology
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Understanding and evaluation of any piece of literature depends a lot on experience and background. This may explain why perspectives for everyone in this regard differ somewhat. The same with appraising any piece of writing. The background of recorded events must be considered in order to appreciate nuances of those events.


Many aspects of the Gospels ... are for the Jew as familiar as the air he breathes."
The trial of Jesus in the Jewish court as written in the Gospel of Mark is an example of differing perspectives coming into play because of diverse criteria being applied. When viewed by historians applying principles in historicity at the outset, it is different from others who view the write-up from the perspective of a writer who has his best intentions for a bigger picture and fulfils it.
Marks' account of the trial of Jesus also brings out differing perspectives because of time-bound conceptions, and also because of "template" mentality. Just because the Sanhedrin never holds court on certain days doesn't mean it will never, ever do it. Just because it never holds court at night doesn't mean it is not capable of doing it. Just because it gives out a sentence in less than 24 hours doesn't mean it is never inspired to do it. ...
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