The meaning of the word of God as treated in the Old and New Testaments

Religion and Theology
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Word of God according to the dictionary has three meanings - 1) a manifestation of the mind and will of God; 2)the sacred writings of the Christian religions; 3) the message of the gospel of Christ The question about the date of the origin of New and Old Testament are still discussed.


The Christian Church needed to know what books of the collection were divinely inspired. The Gospels, containing the information about Jesus, his doings and lessons, couldn't be jugged as having less importance than the Old Testament. The Acts and Epistles comprising the teaching of the apostles are also regarded as created under His control. Thus, the teachings of the apostles were treated with the same respect as the ancient prophetic writings. The Church then broke with Judaism and rejected the authority if the Old Testament, but regarded it as the Word of God, taking Jesus and His disciples as example.
The New Testament consists of twenty-seven writings, referred to eight authors. Six of them are believed to be apostles - Jude, James, Peter, Paul, John and Matthew, and the other two are their direct followers, Luke and Mark. ...
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