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Charles Colson describes the four myths of the Modern Age. The first myth is the goodness of man. This myth makes people think that they are essentially good and absolves men of the responsibility of sin by substituting the term sickness for sin. The second myth is the promise of the coming Utopia which proposes that that good governance and the tools of politics can produce perfect men.


The 4 horsemen are the same as the four myths as described above. Colson explains how the first horseman rails against heaven with the presumptuous question: why do bad things happen to good people He multiplies evil by denying its existence. The second horseman comes with sword and slaughter in the false hope of creating the perfect man. The third horseman sows chaos and confusion by questioning absolute morality. The fourth horseman brings excess and isolation by putting the individual over the society.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has transformed lives in ways which are beyond what can be experimentally evaluated. Only those impacted can truly understand the change in their lives. Third parties only get an external glimpse, and yet even this glimpse is glorious. Following are examples of this transformation which come out of the address of Charles Colson.
Colson claims to be one who is himself transformed by Jesus Christ, this transformation being evident in his life over a period of twenty years. Jesus is credited by Colson as the reason for the excellence in his work as well as the award itself.
Colson quotes the study of social scientist James Q Wilson who searched for a correlation between crime and social forces According to him, when America was rapidly industrializ ...
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