Religion and Theology
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To be able to make an exploratory essay about how Jesus perceived his ministry, one should have an exhaustive background on Christianity. Not only knowledge but as well as careful observance of its practices, doctrines and teaching.
Christianity is one of the most powerful religions of all time, and the largest as well1.


This paper also attempts to answer the question, "Who is Jesus" along with a short background of his childhood, His Obedience to his heavenly Father and his Death. The third part tells about Jesus' Ministry, his disciples and his Teachings. It also tells us of birth of Christianity.
This is an exploratory essay, and so the highlight of this paper is in the last part, where his obedience to his Father's will be discussed. Nonetheless, all parts of this paper have equal significance, as it contributes to the whole scheme of thought.
The Bible tells us the story of Creation which explains the existence of everything living on Earth. The story of Adam and Eve is not only a story of Creation but an account of the Disobedience of Man,3 also known as the " Fall of Man". Then came the story of Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve; is a narrative of the first crime of murder committed. There is a long list what was said to be the " Wickedness of Man"4. The Bible though, is not only about the evil that man can do, also tells of the gifts the Lord has given to man. Abraham has made a covenant with the Lord; Moses received the Ten Commandments that will ensure the man's salvation. ...
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