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The discussion in the paper is about the question "Are Human Beings Co-creators" The discussion and possible analysis carried out in the paper with as many sources as possible decides that the humans are co-creators as they work within the creation of god.


A theological work starts with description of a method through which analysis and discussion occurs. In the present paper the point of discussion and analysis is about the creator or co-creator status of human beings from the theological perspective. The important method necessary in this paper will be narration that makes the reader to understand the task of theology as well as addressing the human concerns of ultimate reality. According to Abdul-Masih, Marguerite (2001), opines that the scientific reasoning as well spiritual analysis is important in discussing or analyzing the topic. The philosophical reasoning should accompany the reasoning mentioned above. However, too much demanding of scientific evidence may distort theological arguments.1
In order to discuss the creative nature or creator status of human beings, the definition of creator is important and that decides the course of discussion and analysis. In defining creator, there exists two types of definitions; one being understood by materialistic proofs and other that is not possible to understand under materialistic or physical laws that govern the 3 dimensional worlds. ...
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