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Here, Muggeridge's statement of 1997 is relevant: "The quest for quality of life could endanger the human race if sanctity of life is ignored." That is, the quest for qualitative human life which ignores the sanctity of life carries within it the potential of failure and counter-productivity; consequently, the preservation of the sanctity of human life must go hand in hand with the quest for quality of life.
Yes, that is a logical theoretical inference, with two operative phrases "the preservation" and "must go hand in hand". Aristotle, however, once said that talking (or theorising) about virtue does not make a man virtuous. To be virtuous, the desiring one must do something, must act- according to a well-conceived, open-minded and intelligibly articulated conceptual frame, which must form the (temporary or permanent guide) and watchword for the aspirer.
Therefore, to begin with: What is a practical pursuit of the quality of life What is that pursuit that does not in any way exclude the preservation of the sanctity of human life Moreover, what is human life, whose quality one wishes to improve What are its facets and ramifications, its scope, the limits of its entirety Is it all about satisfying the instincts of hunger, thirst, sleep, and sex All about traditionalistic religious devotion, churchism, or Islamism About quintessential scholarly fulfilment Amassing wealth and riches Marrying and raising families
Evidently, none of these activities capture the human life comprehensively, since not every one is religious, can be scholarly, will marry and raise families, or can amass wealth and riches; yet everyone has a (human) life, irrespective of his background, privilege, ability or disability; irrespective of his sanity or insanity.
Then, the quality of life. By what yardstick is the quality of life to be measured By political stability By economic prosperity Religious edification Or by a predominance of sterling scholarship
The United States and Britain, two of the most politically stable nations of the world, do not praise or envisage the attainment of their kind of politics by other nations as barometers of a flawless qualitative human life (Academic Digestive 2005). Neither does a polity content itself with perfecting its political development, in the hope of attaining to a wholesome life for its people.
Since 1940(when the performance of economy began to be measured systematically), man has focused on the pursuit of economic growth, striving to increase the flow of traded goods and services, concentrating on the creation of factories- local, national, multinational; on the cultivation of raw materials and their large-scale conversion into goods and assets, on discovering and nurturing skills of craftsmanship, improvisation and serendipity-all towards achieving and sustaining vibrant economic standards, whose beauty envisioned from a distance by the wandering inquisitiveness of mankind, seemed to promise the advent of a comprehensively, if not perfectly, enhanced quality of human life. While, consequently, the demand for goods and service ...Show more


The sanctity of human life and qualitative human existence are in no way mutually exclusive. "Sanctity" is "the condition of being considered sacred or holy, and therefore entitled to respect and reverence" (Encarta Dictionary), or, "sacredness, inviolability" (Oxford Dictionary)…
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Sanctity essay example
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