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Catholic Theology

It will be demonstrated how Jesus fits into each definition.
Jesus is considered a man of the Word. He had a more direct connection to the Word, as he is alluded to in the scriptures as being God, but in human flesh. Jesus was often quoted within the bible saying, "I myself, say unto you". This would lead us to believe that he spoke under his own authority, and on the authority of the Father.
Jesus can be thought of as a messenger. In the Old Testament, prophets told the future and truths about God. In viewing a prophet as a messenger of the future, Jesus imparted the news of the destruction of Jerusalem (Luke 21:20 - 22). Not only could he be considered as a messenger, but he was able to "read events and see them in God's way" (Hayes, 99). This would make him a visionary.
Jesus was a man of the present. Through use of his vision, he could be called a social prophet. He challenged the patriarchal, purity, and dominion system that were in place during his time. He violated the purity system by healing those that were no longer recognized or considered unclean. He spoke with women, and considered them part of his group. Jesus utilized an open table fellowship in a time when eating was a political act, and it mattered with who you ate. It could be said that he was advocating for a different social outlook by challenging the current system (Howard). ...
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A prophet can be loosely defined as one who shares the divine word while acting as an intermediary. The person is considered as a 'representative', one who is not acting on their own volition (Hayes, 94).
In chapter 6, there were other references made to further define what makes a prophet…
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