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Essay example - The Pathway to Suicide

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Religion and Theology
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The first part of this essay deals with the historical development of cults from ancient times to present day, followed by the cult's beliefs and practices, similarities and dissimilarities. The final part deals with the conversion of normal men into devoted members who are not hesitant to give up their life for a cult cause.

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Cult members normally join a cult in the time of crisis in a belief that by devoting themselves to the leader they can get freedom from the real world problems. Tragically they put their hopes on a mistaken leader who through his teaching and brainwashing leads his members to death and destruction. The cult practice makes them “dagger in the hand of leader” that often brings an end to their fate. From the above discussion it is clear that cult members become suicidal due to cults destructive teaching and resort to suicide to achieve the imaginative ideal of the cult for which they are prepared for years. For centuries man have waited for real and imaginary Messiah to deliver peace and happiness and restore order in the chaotic world. The world always had its problems and will have problems; cults will flourish, as long men believe in some external redeemer.
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