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Christology and Ecclesiology

They set forth two reasons for the divinity of Christ, the first one being "dynamic monarchianism" which explains the divinity of Jesus resulting from him being the carrier of a divine power, which "descended upon the man Jesus."(Grenz pg 57) The complete divinity of Christ thought was established at the First Ecumenical Council at Nicea1 in 325, based on Arius' view that Jesus was "begotten of the Father, of the substance of the Father, begotten not made, of one substance with the Father." (Grenz pg 59)
Christology is the reaffirmation of our belief and confession in the godliness of Jesus, who is the road to our salvation. The authors of the new Testament strongly believed that Jesus combines in his person the role of God and Savior (2 Pet.1:1, pg 246) Jesus' divinity is attributed to his perfect life or what may be called his "sinlessness" (pg. 252) which was only possible because in Jesus could be seen "a veritable existence of God" (pg. 252) the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is at the heart of Christian faith, points to the divinity of Jesus. (pg. 259) the historical life of Jesus reveals his humanity, and he becomes not just an "embodiment of God," but of his willingness to be a part of the 'life in community" which he participated in his life on Earth. (pg. 272)
According to Stanley Grenz (1994) "The idea of covenant ...Show more


Theology for the Community of God" is a seminal work by the well known theologian Stanley J. Grenz, whose opinions and views on Christ and the Church have encountered mixed comments from other great theologians. The concept of the 'Divinity of Jesus Christ as God has been explained using many theories…
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