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The book of Amos

So, through Amos, he gives his message of impending judgment to the people of Israel.
Amos is the agent in this particular scene, as he will be the on caring out his duties to God to inform the people of the judgment that they will suffer as a result of their wrongdoings. Amos was a humble man who always seeks to do the will of God. What's more, he is also reasonable and forgiving. Despite his people doing so much wrong, he begged God not to be too harsh. For instance, in the first three versus of chapter 7, Amos had seen a vision of locusts devouring everything in sight. Amos begged God not to be so harsh and go through with this plan, and God relented. In versus 4 through 6, go showed Amos another vision of another plan that he wished to execute. This plan involved consuming the entire nation with fire. Amos, having the heart that he did again begged god not to go through with these actions and god relented another time. Finally, God decided on what he'd do, and Amos bravely preached the message to all of Israel. Amos was a brae man because, even in the face of opposition, he did not back down r waver in doing the will of God. He stood strong, despite the horrible things the priest and the people said concerning him.
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The scene of this Bible book is that of sinful Israel. In those days, Israel was a stiff-necked people who were proud due to the fact they were a rich nation. Because they became so proud, they did not care to devote any time to God, nor did they consider him when they carried out their daily affairs…
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