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Buddhism is pth of prctic nd spiritul dvlopmnt lding to Insight into th tru ntur of lif. Buddhist prctics such s mdittion r mns of chnging onslf in ordr to dvlop th qulitis of wrnss, kindnss, nd wisdom. Th xprinc dvlopd within th Buddhist trdition ovr thousnds of yrs hs crtd n incomprbl rsourc for ll thos who wish to follow pth - pth which ultimtly culmints in nlightnmnt or Buddhhood.


Buddhist rituls usully consist of thr min lmnts: rcittion, chnting nd th mking of offrings. Th vrss rcitd r usully ssocitd with th principl tnts nd idls of Buddhism; ND thy giv xprssion to th spiritul spirtion which mks somon Buddhist. Buddhists usully chnt in ithr Pli or Snskrit (two ncint Indin lngugs) nd chnting is wy of forging n motionl connction with motionl Buddhist idls. Somtims Buddhists chnt mntrs, Snskrit phrss which r blivd to b th vrbl xprssions of nlightnmnt. Offrings usully consist of flowrs, symbolising both buty nd imprmnnc; cndls, symbolising th rdinc of nlightnmnt; nd incns which prvds th ir in th sm wy tht th truth s xprincd by th Buddh prvds th univrs (Boorstin, 2001).
Th cor thicl cod of Buddhism is known s th fiv prcpts, nd ths r th distilltion of its thicl principls. Th prcpts r not ruls or commndmnts, but 'principls of trining', which r undrtkn frly nd nd to b put into prctic with intllignc nd snsitivity. Th Buddhist trdition cknowldgs tht lif is complx nd throws up mny difficultis, nd it dos not suggst tht thr is singl cours of ction tht will b right in ll circumstncs. Indd, rthr thn spking of ctions bing right or wrong, Buddhism spks of th bing skilful (kusl) or unskilful (kusl) (Twd, 2000).
1. Not killing or cusing hrm to othr living bings. ...
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