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Law and Religion

Religions are one of the Institutions of socialisation, having the influence on people and decide how the people think and live. It does not matter what religion you are belong to, the basic elements are same for all religion. The religion organizes its action around certain beliefs, practice and symbols. The religion is formed by the group of people who bearing similar belief and ideology. There are normally laws within the religion that guides the way the members of the religion should behave. Any member of the religion broken the law, it will be treated as sinful, and which leads to punishments some times. According to Ron Kurtus, Religion can be see as a theological, philosophical, anthropological, sociological and psychological phenomenon of human kind. Religion includes survival in harsh, environmental, moral and social rules, overcoming diseases and mysteries of life including life after death. Religion is a large and complex phenomenon. The root of the word religion is from the Latin word “religare”, which means being bound. Religion also may embrace a conception of faith. Law is the social mechanism, which is used to maintain the social order. In other words, law may help to maintain the public order, so that the social and legal interactions can occur within the society. The law is a instrument for the resolution of disputes, social problems, security threat and issue in relation ship between individuals. ...Show more


Religions are one of the Institutions of socialisation, having the influence on people and decide how the people think and live. It does not matter what religion you are belong to, the basic elements are same for all religion…
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Law and Religion essay example
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