The Moses and the Ten Commandments by The Torah

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The Ten Commandments, often referred to as "Decalogue", is a list of ten vital instructions written down by God in the right and moral benefit of mankind, which acts as an impeccable testament for the mankind to follow and to lead life accordingly. The background behind the advent of the laws of the Torah elucidates the holding of overall 613 commandments, out of which the most popular ones are the ones, which are to be followed as "Ten Commandments".


The first commandment elucidates the revelation of God upon Moses, at the time when there was no law and order, and everyone was in chaos state under the then reign of Pharaoh, God communicated with Moses along with the revelation of the Ten Commandments and other miraculous gifts, which later became the rudimentary features for Moses in convincing his followers towards righteousness and humanity. By giving some of the miracles to Moses the God revealed upon him His truth in the form of commandments, clearly posed to worship the one and only Lord, and clarifies upon Moses that it is the Lord who possessed the power and freed mankind from slavery under the reign of Egypt. That clearly indicates that all freedom that was granted to the then mankind was granted only because of God's will.
The second Commandment elaborates the oneness of God and explains that there was no God before Him, and there would be no God after Him. ...
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