Statement of Faith: Living by the Bible

Religion and Theology
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Faith is an intangible force driving the actions of people through morals, ethics, and love given by the Lord God and His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Humans, the creation and children of God, can develop faith through reading the Bible, communicating with God, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, sharing the words and feelings with other humans, learning about and accepting salvation, overcoming the temptations of Satan, learning to recognize and defeat many of Satan's devils, accepting and following God's angels and messengers, attending church and church-related activities and teachings, and striving for eternal life with God at the end.


The Bible has survived thousands of translations and interpretations and still survives as the highest selling and most respected book. The Holy Bible is truly an amazing book. Though the Bible has fallen under much controversy and debate by varying teams of religious fanatics, both Christian and non Christian, this book remains the word of a perfect, almighty God that is embodied through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Corinthians 13:4).
Humans are the beloved children of God (Romans 8:16, Galatians 3:26), as He makes clear with each passage through scriptures, sayings, gifts, and forgiveness. No one could rightfully question the amount of love God gave, and continues to give, to his children. This love for his children, human beings, was passed on and shared with his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life to redeem the sins of humankind. Jesus Christ was later resurrected from death as a justification for all who trust in Him (Roman 3:34-25, 5:8, Timothy 4:10).
Humankind, as a result o ...
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