The Rise of Religion and the Demise of the Nation-State

Religion and Theology
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Since time immemorial, numerous wars and conflicts have been fought for the sake of religion. However, with the developments brought about by globalization and technological advance, religious extremists have been empowered in executing their endeavors.


As this essay will argue, trends in international relations, which indicate the demise of the nation-state’s legitimacy as a source of national identity, will open doors for other mediums such as religion and culture to fill the void for nationalism and further threaten the state. This struggle is reminiscent of what Samuel Huntington wrote in his book The Clash of Civilization, he notes that in the post-Cold War era, wars and conflicts will be fought not because of economic or ideological reasons, but because of cultural phenomenon brought about by clashes among civilizations. He argues that Western instruments of modernity will create conflicts with the non-Western world due to the isolation and aggression that it will create. With globalization bringing nations and cultures together, non-Western cultures may feel isolated and threatened. In order to protect themselves, and with no apparent formal channel to do so under the nation-state, religion –being inextricably linked and identified with culture, becomes a crucial refuge and a powerful tool to fight back. ...
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