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History of Christian Thought/ Hindu Tradition/ Greek Philosophical Thought - Research Paper Example

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History of Christian Thought/ Hindu Tradition/ Greek Philosophical Thought

For his father’s happiness after his remarriage Bhisma took a vow that he would never be the king nor would he marry. Instead he would devote all his energy to make his race the strongest one on land (Bucks, 21). Evidences are there in the story that such vows were really important and individuals never dare to break them in their entire lifetime. This is shown during King Shantanu’s conversation with Ganga before their marriage where the king vows that he would never ask her name, nor speak to her unkindly or interfere in anything she does. Else Ganga is bound to leave him (Bucks, 18). As soon as king asks Ganga not end his child’s life, bound by the vows Ganga left him (Bucks, 21). Vows were considered to be that important by the society that individuals sacrificed their desires and devoted his entire life in maintenance of the vow. Once a promise made could not be broken within lifetime. King Pandu’s Children Throughout the epic Mahabharata the author has shown how people had to suffer for their sins created even it was created unconsciously or without such intentions. The case of King Pandu is an example of the moral teaching. King Pandu during his dwelling in the forest had once killed a pair of deer when they were making love for which he received the curse that he would also face death in a similar situation. Pandu still had because princess Kunti knew a ‘mantra’ that would allow her to meet those Gods and give birth to their sons. Kunti had three sons one after another from Dharma, the god of justice; Vayu, the god of wind and lord Indra. Pandu’s another wife Madri also learnt the spell and gave birth to two twin sons from the twin horsemen and physicians of the God, the Aswins (Bucks, 34). Underlying king Pandu’s sons there remains a special feature. They were the offsprings of Gods. The quality and characteristics of their fathers, the gods were clearly visible in them. Yudhistira became so wise owing to his father Dharma. Bhim inherited such enormous strength from Vayu. So the special characteristics have helped the Pandavas emerge as the special and able persons as we have seen throughout the story. The Pandavas have emerged as the good characters of the epic and the author attributes this to their birth and inheritance. They are so good because they are special children of god. Gandhari wearing blindfold & Nature of women in society and religion In the epic Mahabharata we get an idea of place of women in society during that period and their devotion to husbands. Princess Gandhari of the mountain kingdom Gandhara was coming to marry Kuru king Dhritarashtra who was blind. Being already in love with the king Gandhari wore a blindfold to equalize her husband in terms of his blindness (Bucks, 33). Such an instance reveals Gandhari’s devotion towards her husband. This was found to be the nature of Hindu women during that period. They looked upon their husbands as everything on earth and wished to share any misery or punishment that was suffered by their husbands. They had a habit of putting themselves away from any facility or happiness that their husbands were devoid of. Gandhari loved her husband deeply and considered him to be her everything. Since her husband was devoid of vision she too wished to share her husband’s ill fortune. This was done so that her husband did not feel inferior or unhappy about the fact that a normal girl has married a blind ...Show more


Essay 1 The epic Mahabharata represents different real facts of life and society through its different stories and characters. Analyzing these clues help one relate the ancient epic to the Hindu society, relationships and related aspects of India and the Hindu religious beliefs…
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History of Christian Thought/ Hindu Tradition/ Greek Philosophical Thought essay example
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