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Capital Punishment Capital Punishment Sharp (1997) has pointed out that “approximately 5900 persons have been sentenced to death and 358 executed (from 1973-96) in Untied States (See appendix for more details). Moreover, a record number of 56 murderers were executed in 1995 alone in America” (Sharp, 1997).


The arguments in favor and against capital punishment is growing day by day. Even some of the most civilized countries like America has no problems in executing hardcore criminals. However, majority of the religions argue against capital punishment. Religions are of the view that it is ethically or morally wrong to take the life of a person. According to religious point of view, all the living things and nonliving things are the creations of the God and only the God has the authority to take back the lives he created in this world. On the other hand, many atheists and sociologists are of the view that capital punishment is necessary to save the life of innocent people from the threat of antisocial elements. In their opinion, if the execution of one person may save many lives, then it should be implemented without any worry or concern. I have conducted two interviews; one with a Christian priest who argues against capital punishment and another with a sociologist who argue in favor of capital punishment in order to get more insights about this controversial topic. This paper analyses arguments in favor and against capital punishment based on those interviews and ethical theories with respect to this topic. ...
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