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Reaction Paper on Hebrew Bible (Exodus 5-12)

The paper concludes with a comprehensive survey of all the textual facts, anomalies and discrepancies.
The chapters 5 to 12 of the Hebrew Bible are mainly concerned with the record of miraculous happenings that result because of the pharaoh time and again not keeping his promise to Moses to grant them freedom to pray to Jehovah in the wilderness.
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It is his pride and unbelief that leads to the occurrence of the ten plagues that visit the Egyptians one after the other and culminate in the death of the first born among the Egyptians but still the pharaoh is unrepentant and according to Jehovah is destined to destruction of his people and himself.
His wise men and sorcerers enact the miracles that are performed by Moses but even they are fully convinced that they are not dealing with some odd magician, but instead some supernatural power at work on behalf of Moses. They are convinced that the power or force that backs Moses is beyond them, and they stand no chance but the pharaoh’s heart and mind by the knowledge of the Lord God are hardened against the truth and the righteous.
Faith, especially in the Hebraic and the Islamic tradition, is pure and simple blind belief in Jehovah and Allah, so either you possess it or you do not there are no two opinions about it. But for the sake of the unbeliever Jehovah manifests himself through the miracles to open up the eyes of the unbeliever but all to no avail as far as the pharaoh is concerned. ...
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Reaction Paper on Hebrew Bible (Exodus 5-12). This is a reaction paper about the epic struggle between the prophet Moses and the pharaoh Ramses.The object of this paper is simple first, to summarise the primary text; second, the historical background that backs and in some instances does not support the text…
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