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Affect of music

He argues that classical music is dead in the hands of young people. The number of youngsters who keep serious attitude towards classical music has also identified as decreasing. As Bloom comments; “Their presence is undeniable, but they involve not more than 5 to10 percentage of the students” (Bloom 69). Bloom attacks rock music by mentioning that rock music always promotes premature ecstasy among the youths and it also raises low level sexual and barbaric motivations. Bloom underlines the fact that young people weave their lives within music and nothing else. Bloom arguments against popular music culture could be powered with the support of some rock based statistics in America. Bloom’s criticism against rock music reaches its zenith when he said that rock music explores youth’s sexual inhibitions. Analyzing Allan Bloom arguments against popular American music, one can comprehend that his views are intriguing and one cannot fully accept his views and findings about popular music. Considering the critical comments from various fields, it is obvious that Bloom does not give a decent argument towards youth’s existing music culture. One can notice some elements of narrow-mindedness in Bloom’s approach. The most significant thing is that Blooms developed his thesis based only on classical and rock music ...Show more


Allan Bloom makes known some captivating views about the contemporary music culture which is popular in American society. It has often been observed the music as paved the way for controversies and debates among the public as well artists…
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