Language Issues in Public Discourse

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This essay will explore three ways in which the English language is changing, and the discourse around those changes, as they are being debated and discussed in the media. Political language and how it changed during the Bush era in the United States is being discussed widely in academic circles and this phenomenon will be examined and analyzed briefly. The printed media particularly in Great Britain raises the question of American terms and their effect on English worldwide. Contemporary magazine and newspaper articles form the basis of the discussion of the British attitude to American language in this essay. Current discussions regarding spelling are examined, from the perspective of young people, citing as examples a web forum, and the transcript of a high school debate. Finally, the trend toward politically correct language is the focus, with spoken and institutionalized language being examined. In short, this essay will comment on the changing language and how these changes are perceived across a reasonably wide spectrum of English speakers. (Not included in word limit) The Essay When discourse is analyzed, the linguistic output of someone other than the analyst is examined (Brown & Yule, 1983: 2). ...
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