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A History of God - Essay Example

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On the other hand, the term has also been applied more narrowly to mention only those religions outside the extremely large group of self-styled ‘Axial Age’ beliefs that include both the Abrahamic religions as well as the main Indian religions. In this narrower classification, Christians along with other Westerners, existing Paganism is a ‘minor and insignificant occurrence’. In accordance with a recent study, believers of Chinese folk religious conviction comprise around 7.1 percent of world population, and believers of clannish religious convictions, for an additional 5.2 percent. The amount of believers of neo paganism is unimportant in comparison, totalling to 0.04 percent world population at the most (Higginbotham & Higginbotham, p. 87). The first Gods within the world’s sacred beliefs are likely to be confined in the sense that their individuality is supported either by a particular cultic tradition, or on a particular colonized region, from freely circumscribed areas to cities. Archaeological along with chronological proof, in addition to ‘cognitive theorizing’, indicating towards the conclusion that the most basic types of religion cannot be supported on official set of guidelines regarding ‘counterintuitive’ truths; it is somewhat an issue of ritual traditions with no consistent explanation. Monotheism seems as a subject in “biblical manuscripts dating to the sixth century BC, representing an inner Israelite development over hundreds of years” (Higginbotham & Higginbotham. P. 76). The monotheistic dialogue can be assumed to have grown during a course directed by contemplative opinion, sustained by the intellectual association of ‘scribalism’. He argues that the significant lack of mythological components during the “later texts of the Old Testament, compared to West Semitic traditions, might be explained by the fact that the scribes responsible for the now extant biblical traditions either consciously censored older descriptions of Yahweh, or that the deletion was more like a secondary consequence of the literary processing of the traditions” (Higginbotham & Higginbotham. P. 198). The officially authorized and visionary analyses of the ‘monolatrous’ sect owes a lot to writing. Abrahamic religious convictions are the monotheistic beliefs give emphasis to and outlining their general cause to Abraham or knowing a religious custom acknowledged with Abraham. They are among the three most important divisions in relative belief, together with Indian religious convictions and ‘East Asian religions’. The three most important Abrahamic religions are ‘Judaism, Christianity, and Islam’ (Armstrong, p. 200-5). Judaism considers itself as the belief of the heirs of Jacob, the ‘grandson of Abraham’. Christianity started as a cult of Judaism during the 1st century CE and advanced into an individual religion with unique faiths as well as traditions, particularly its substitution of the Jewish thought of a special ethnic spiritual society with a comprehensive, worldwide society of supporters, the Christian Church. It substituted the thought of simple “monotheism with a Triune God who is simultaneously one and three. Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century CE upon the teachings in the Qur'an. It retained the inclusiveness of Christianity, but reverted to simple monotheism with a central, but not divine, prophet” (Armstrong, p. 203). The three religious convict ...Show more


History of God Around twenty years subsequent to the final remnants of Paganism were defeated with immense severity by the ruler “Theodosius I and Rome was seized by Alaric during 410” (Higginbotham & Higginbotham, p…
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A History of God
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