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Greek-Orthodox religion

Byzantine Christianity, which is the base of Greek Orthodoxy, is built with a combination of Christian and Hellenic heritage and is marked by “its liturgy, use of religious images (icons), veneration of saints and relics, monastic practices, and imperial grandeur” (Laderman and Leon, 294). The term orthodoxy represents, “proper glorification of God through appropriate worship” (Makrides, 66). The “defining feature” of Orthodox Christianity can be put more precisely as, “doctrinal correctness” (Makrides, 66). It also has its own “ritual tradition and institutional structures” (Makrides, 66). The basic theological premise of this strain of Christianity is not completed simply with a “belief in one Christian God” but has to be “the correct (“Orthodox”) belief in the one true and Trinitarian Christian God” (Makrides, 66). For Greek Orthodox religion, the ultimate salvation of the faithful is “dependent on upholding the sole correct Christian faith, uncontaminated from deviant interpretations and influences” (Makrides, 66). The Greek Orthodox believers declare that they are the preservers of Christianity in its pure and correct form. They have drawn their theological beliefs and rituals from the seven Ecumenical Councils held between 325 and 787 and claim that they are preserving Christianity in the pure form as established by the Apostles (Makrides, 67). ...
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Greek Orthodox religion is the terminology used to represent all the Christians “whose liturgical practices and language are derived from those of the Greek-speaking Byzantine empire” (Laderman and Leon, 294)…
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