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Jesus is the main personality in the book, and the twelve disciples play also an important role. Some of the teaching is in the form of clear commands, such as that the disciples should love one another, and some of it is in the form of parables. Acts The genre of this book is narrative. It tells the story of how the very first Christians spread out over the ancient world and began to teach the gospel and plant churches. It was written by the disciple Luke, who has an interest in how the gospel affects people in their daily lives. One of the key figures in the book of acts is Paul, whose conversion to Christianity occurred when he experienced a vision on the road to Damascus. The narrative describes how the early Christians were received, sometimes with open arms, and sometimes with violence and persecution. A key theme of the book is the way that Christians are called to set themselves apart from the communities around them, and what to do about pressure to conform to Jewish and Roman traditions. The teachings and miracles of the early Church are described, and the book documents the transition from small beginnings to an established international organization. Romans The book of Romans is written in the form of an epistle. This means that it is a letter, in this case written by Paul and addressed to Christians who are located in the city of Rome. In those days the Romans were the dominant civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean, and so Paul is conscious of cultural influences that may

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Book Summary
The government program was labeled “termination” because it was supposed to “free” the Indians from the restrictions of the government and improve their life quality. However, instead of improving the natives’ life, it led them deeper into poverty.
3 pages (750 words) Book Report/Review
Book Review on ONE BIBLE MANY VOICES by S. E. Gillinham
In order to demonstrate the plurality inherent in the Bible, Gillingham introduces literary, theological and historical insights that play a part in the compilation of Scripture, as well as the modern progress, in biblical studies. On the whole, Gillingham presents an intriguing and helpful introduction to the Bible, particularly by highlighting the primary issues that come into play with regard to comprehending the Bible (Barrick 2003, p.
6 pages (1500 words) Essay
Book Report The Disciple Making Church Bill Hull author
The estimated 74,000,000members of the Eastern Orthodox religion are divided into various national churches, with differing liturgical rites. As for upwards of 343,000,000Protestants, they are separated into numerous Episcopalian, Lutheran, Calvinist (Presbyterian, Reformed), Baptist, Methodist and other churches.
9 pages (2250 words) Essay
We share 99.4 percent of our genes with chimpanzees and 50 percent with the lowly banana. We are made of the same particles as the water in the ocean, the sand on the beach, and the stars in the sky. We share our origins with the rest of world, created by God in the language on the Judeo-Christian Tradition."
6 pages (1500 words) Essay
Book summary
The story focuses on the Kracha’s life (from the first generation) after migrating from Austria- Hungary to US in search of job and change of lifestyle. He is counseled to
2 pages (500 words) Essay
Bible Exegitical
This paper is an exegetical paper that seeks to get the correct interpretation of Amos 9: 11-15. To achieve this end, a comparison of two different translations of the text, Amos 9:11-15, is done. The comparison shows the
10 pages (2500 words) Essay
Bible Exegetical
ile the New King James Version is made up of more complicated language for the conservatives and those who want to associate closely with the early church. NKJV uses the word house instead of tribe as in the case of NIV when referring to those who form the nation of Israel.
10 pages (2500 words) Essay
The bible from Genesis to Revelations
The article will give a summary of how events unfolded in the bible from Genesis to Revelation and give a big picture on the stories of the bible and God’s intention to his people. The book of genesis in the
6 pages (1500 words) Essay
Summary of book
A spread-out individual would find it hard to define sprawl in urban settings today. As a result, Hayden engages the significance of these terms to expound on prevalent building patterns. In the process, the book depicts the visual culture of sprawl. To do this, the
1 pages (250 words) Essay
Book summary
The book discourses on geography, history and strategy. The author strives at providing his American with a map, one centered on “the Greater Indian Ocean” as he calls it. Mostly, maps tend to reveal much about the people who draw them than they reveal about what
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
have been causing conflict within the early Church. A key theme of the book of Romans is to distinguish how the new Christian faith differs from traditional Jewish practices, and modern Roman ones. It stressed salvation through faith in Christ, and the need to distinguish between the true apostolic tradition, which Paul represents, and other false teachers. Most of the book is quite dense in nature, explaining deep theological points, but it ends with plans that Paul has to travel to Rome and a lot of personal greetings to Christian friends of his. I Timothy This book is an example of an epistle. It is written by Paul to a younger Christian called Timothy, and its main theme is to give advice on how to be a good Christian, and how to conduct oneself as a leader and teacher in the Church. Paul refers to Timothy as “my own son” which is not to be taken literally, but refers to the fatherly way that Paul looks after his younger colleague. Timothy is carrying on the work that Paul began, and so he is given tips on how to organize the different roles and functions in a Christian community. The proper conduct of women is discussed, and the duties of those who preach and teach. The importance of prayer is stressed, and the whole letter is dedicated to the expansion of the Church and the support of newly founded communities which are still finding their way. Revelation The book of Revelation is an apocalyptic book. This means that its main theme is what will happen at the end of the world when God will judge the earth. It takes the form of a series of visions which are described in great detail, including monstrous beings and natural catastrophes. God appears as an authoritative figure, and there is a lot of symbolism that stresses his power and potential anger. The book warns that people will be made accountable for how they have lived, and describes what heaven and hell will be like.


Name Student ID Course Date Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books) Matthew The book of Matthew is one of the four books in the gospel genre, The word gospel means the “good news” of the coming of Christ, and this gospel starts with the genealogy of the family into which Jesus was born…
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