Media File Assessment: China Tibet Conflict

Media File Assessment: China Tibet Conflict  Essay example
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Source China Tibet Conflict Source URL: There is so much material available on the subject of China Tibet conflict, but the writer still intends to add his views in this regard. He wants to applaud his voice for the said issue.


Therefore, the writer of this article has attempted to see the matter under these circumstances. In this regard, there are so many questions that arise in the mind of the writer. He wants to visualise the situation in all possible future outcomes, whatever comes out of the present scenario in future and that is the major motive behind writing the whole article and during all the course of the study, he tries to find out the answers of these questions. These questions are undoubtedly very important, because they do include the current, past and expected role of all the stake holders on the issue (Rajaram, 2009). If we see Tibet movement from its day one till today, it is evident that the Dalai Lama’s movement has not gained much from China because Chinese are still stuck over their viewpoint of first day what opinion they had about Tibet in start. Moreover, economic and military success of China over the past few decades is also an undeniable fact. This has put China is a very strong position as compared to India that has a soft corner for Tibetan movement. ...
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