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Student name Instructor name Course name Date The Woman's Liberation Movement The women’s suffrage movement, which arguably began with strong feminine voices such as Abigail Adams at the time of the country’s founding, succeeded in securing voting privileges for women via the 19th Amendment in 1920.


The American culture expected women to ‘keep the home.’ The television programs of the 1950’s clearly demonstrate this reality. Prior to the 1960’s and 1970’s women were commonly vilified and thought of as egocentric if their personal ambitions did not comprise cooking meals, cleaning, caring for children, and being the obedient wife of their husbands. The idea of feminism was one of scorn and mockery during this time. It was also understood to be opposed to the basic tenets of Christianity. The efforts of numerous women such as Gloria Steinum, Ruth Rosen and Betty Friedan during the 1960’ revitalized the women’s movement and laid the foundation for changes in both public perception of feminism as well as the law for all time. Although the women’s liberation movement is often understood as being of a uniform ideology it actually is very diverse consisting basically of two differing perspectives on feminist thought fundamentally divided by age and, radical and liberal. ...
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