Marx's Concept of Alienation and Christianity's Concept of Sin and Disordered Will

Religion and Theology
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Name of author: Marx's concept of alienation and Christianity's concept of sin and disordered will Different religions and social institutions or political parties describe different types of human problems. Christianity describes sin as the major human problem and belief in Jesus Christ as the solution whereas Buddhism believes suffering as the major human problem and the Noble Eight Fold Path as the solution.


He referred this segregation as alienation and defined it as the product of capitalism. This paper explains the relevance of “human problem” and compares Marx's concept of alienation and Christianity's concept of sin and disordered will. Even though the developments in science and technology brought immense changes or advancements in human life, still we do not know the secret behind our life and death. Nobody knows from where we come and where we go after death. Religions try to explain life before and after death in conjunction with the concept of God whereas political parties and other social institutions stress the importance of current life and keeping silence over the life after death. Our inability to unveil the mysteries surrounding our life and death resulted in the development of different types of theories about human life or human problem. It is generally accepted by all that human is the combination of body and mind. Mental phenomena are qualitative in nature and it differs reasonably from the bodily phenomena. ...
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