Organized Religion: A Bane to Humanity

Organized Religion: A Bane to Humanity Research Paper example
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Since the ancient times, religion has been an essential part of human life. Importance of religion in human life can be seen through emotional and psychological attachment to the religious beliefs that people show in their lives.


(1993), the presence of religion in virtually every human society and civilization has been found through archaeological discoveries and anthropological observations made in recent times (Shepard 408). The beliefs of Romans in different forms of Gods, the practice of burying human beings after their death, Hebrew belief in religious texts etc., are the evidences that show that religion related beliefs (like existence of God and ‘life after death’) and practices were followed even before 50,000 B.C. (Shepard 408). This shows that religion is deeply rooted in core of human lives. Hence, it is no surprise that even in the today’s modern world, religion and spirituality is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. According to German philosopher George Hegel, the nature and the structure of social life are determined by the religious ideas and beliefs and hence, religion is the core of society (Shepard 410). However, religion is not just ‘social’ in its nature. Religion has a very special place on ‘individual’ level also. Every human being has his own unique way of relating with God and hence, develops an intimate relation with Him. It has been observed that religion helps human beings to find meaning and essence in life which is beyond their mundane life (Shepard 410). The religious beliefs provide them with the idea of ‘higher’ self and drive them to achieve higher ideals and beliefs in life. ...
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