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Religious Studies Cumulative Paper - Essay Example

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Religious Studies Cumulative Paper

For example in all religions it is good to speak truth while it’s bad to cheat, steal, lie or kill fellow human beings. After 9/11 divide between religions has increased manifolds due to pursuing of terrorism by few fundamentalists. It is very important to understand what is meant by religious tolerance, what are its limits, how terrorism and terrorists should be separated by the large Muslim community and so many other related issues. It is also important to have a look at main religions of the world and see their views about violence and tolerance. It is imperative to note that what a religion preaches may not be followed by its follower. In this case whether a religion should be blamed or its followers. All religions trace back their roots to a creator or God. This fact should be a source of harmony or difference between various religions. Historically which religion has remained most peaceful and why?. All these questions need answers however it is not clear whether these answers will settle old questions or create new ones. Outline. The paper will be covered in the following outline:- 1. What is Religious Tolerance and what are its limits. 2. Why Religious Tolerance is important. 3. Is there really a clash of civilizations going on? 4. What are the major religions of the world and what do they say about Religious Tolerance. 5. Is Religious fundamentalism a good thing or bad? 6. Should a religion be separated from its followers or not. 7. Scientific, biological, spiritual, ethical, moral and social dimensions of religion. 8. Is Religious tolerance linked to Government actions? 9. Should an individual handover his religious freedom to a church or any other ruling institution 10. Social and political issues in religious tolerance. 11. Difference in opinion about religious tolerance amongst various thinkers. 12. Final outcome of the discussion. Discussion on Outline There are 19 major religions of the world with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism being bigger ones according to population of followers. Hinduism is not a religion in classic sense since there is no single founder, center of origin or single scripture. Rather Hinduism is a combination of beliefs and traditions practiced over thousands of years. Tolerance is one of the core values in Hinduism expressed through centuries of co-existence with other religions in the sub-continent. Teachings of this religion propagate that all beings in whole universe are one family or “vasudhaiva kutumbkam”. This family includes smallest creatures, animals and mankind, all created by God. Amongst all creatures, mankind has the ability to think and rule the earth, therefore bears greater responsibility to exercise tolerance. Man must show tolerance to fellow beings irrespective of religion or caste. Hinduism preaches that tolerance is essence of human life and all other religions or paths leading to God are true and legitimate. It is wrong to consider oneself on true path while others at a wrong one. Due to belief of tolerance Hinduism in India co existed for centuries with Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and many other religions at the same time. In Indian history very less Hindu rulers invaded foreign lands in the name of religion. As said by Gandhi the famous Hindu leader “The chief value of Hinduism lies in holding the actual belief that all life (not only human beings, but all sentient beings) is one, i.e. all life coming from the universal source, call it Allah, ...Show more


Religious Tolerance Thesis Statement. Tolerance between religions has become a necessity after 9/11 when there is talk of clash of civilizations everywhere. It is a challenge in various societies how to maintain tolerance while setting limits to in-tolerance…
Author : bergegisselle
Religious Studies Cumulative Paper essay example
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