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Religious Studies Cumulative Paper

For example in all religions it is good to speak truth while it’s bad to cheat, steal, lie or kill fellow human beings. After 9/11 divide between religions has increased manifolds due to pursuing of terrorism by few fundamentalists. It is very important to understand what is meant by religious tolerance, what are its limits, how terrorism and terrorists should be separated by the large Muslim community and so many other related issues. It is also important to have a look at main religions of the world and see their views about violence and tolerance. It is imperative to note that what a religion preaches may not be followed by its follower. In this case whether a religion should be blamed or its followers. All religions trace back their roots to a creator or God. This fact should be a source of harmony or difference between various religions. Historically which religion has remained most peaceful and why?. All these questions need answers however it is not clear whether these answers will settle old questions or create new ones. Outline. The paper will be covered in the following outline:- 1. What is Religious Tolerance and what are its limits. 2. Why Religious Tolerance is important. 3. Is there really a clash of civilizations going on? 4. What are the major religions of the world and what do they say about Religious Tolerance. 5. Is Religious fundamentalism a good thing or bad? 6. ...
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Religious Tolerance Thesis Statement. Tolerance between religions has become a necessity after 9/11 when there is talk of clash of civilizations everywhere. It is a challenge in various societies how to maintain tolerance while setting limits to in-tolerance…
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