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Black Suffering “We cannot speak of the death of Jesus until we speak of the real death of people” Gustavo Gutierrez Brief Overview The concept of evil and suffering has been probed several times by religious scholars and researchers over the years. However, the issue of suffering among blacks have been largely ignored / avoided for a long period of time, thus completely disregarding the concept.


The idea of a "suffering God" was put forward by some black theologians who coined the term by re-reading the Bible and comparing it against the backdrop of the hardships, oppression and struggles faced by them (Badham, 1998). In order to interpret the biblical significance of 'liberation' and justice; the black theologians referred to the exodus, and the messages of the prophets. The Gospel story of life, death and resurrection of Jesus was used as a biblical foundation to interpret love, suffering, hope, liberation and justice with regard to the struggle for freedom of the blacks. However, it was the actual suffering of the blacks in various countries across the globe that brought to the fore, a drastic change in the interpretations and reflections of Jesus Christ on the cross (West, Glaude, 2003). The issue of black suffering and black theology The African-American Christians have, historically maintained two fundamental tenets – that of God being the most powerful and kind being, and the existence of evil and suffering. These concepts have been popular throughout the history of black religion, i.e. ever since the beginning of black slavery to the creation of black churches, and continues to thrive, even today in the post-liberation, and post-institutionalized world. ...
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