Religion and Theology
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My religion would talk about the theory of infinity or the infinite circle that a human being is wrapped within. A circle is said to be the strongest geometrical shape because it has no start or end point and thus goes in a vicious cycle for eternity.


Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are some of the main religions that are followed by people all around the world. All these faiths teach people how to believe in themselves and understand the true meaning of one’s existence on this planet. However, a person can always wonder, what is it like to create one’s own religion? This question comes in because of the idea that all the religions that people do follow today, have been set down and created by people who wanted to help others comprehend the meaning of living and the art of existence. This paper helps to provide an insight regarding how an individual might take to creating a religion of their own, as well as the kind of personal theological beliefs that I possess with respect to a religion of my own. ...
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