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Freud and Religion

One of these ways, and the only method by which Freud appears to think provides any sense of contentment, is found in the area of religion. This ultimately provides further evidence as to why true happiness can never really be obtained. For people who are not completely engrossed in a religious pursuit and even for persons who are, the failure to find happiness leads to a number of methods whereby people seek to at least circumvent pain. Sooner or later, if at all, Freud believes people discover that love is the answer to their quest for happiness. When this fails, as it unfortunately does for too many, people try to control their social lives through a assortment of means and then ultimately come to recognize that unhappiness and guilt are pervasive and they again look for the answers they did not find in religion. This cycle of futile searches for happiness is addressed throughout Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontent. Freud proposes that the very underpinnings of civilization and systematic factions such as religions are found within the multifaceted development of a person. In his effort to clarify the ‘oceanic’ sensation of limitless bond felt with all of humanity illustrated by a friend of Freud’s, which possibly supplies the foundation of religious affiliation, he investigates the development of the ego as it transforms from the baby to the adult. ...
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The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, in his book Civilization and Its Discontent, maintains it is an indisputable fact that achieving happiness not possible. In spite of this, Freud says people use many ultimately ineffective strategies to compensate for this reality…
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