Religious Life on Planet Earth

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Religion and Theology
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Religious Life on Planet Earth Insert Your Name Here Insert Your Affiliation Here Religious Life on Planet Earth As one scours the Earth from its stratosphere, the colors show the variety of geographical terrain and vegetation which influences life on earth.


The geographical terrain, vegetation and population density have a direct impact on the cultural and social life of humans which indirectly shapes their religious school of thought. Diversity in language, skin color, body shape and the male dominance seem to influence religious indoctrination, which is enforced on their offspring’s. There seem to be some pockets of populations’ on the planet who seem to be atheists but still believe in a culture of work for living, which indirectly translates into a religion itself i.e. their dedication to work for existence is fanatical to the degree of being labeled as religion. On closer observation, one comes to know that such category of societies on earth call themselves socialists. On closer observation, one can see that majority of the populations’ on Earth visualize God as a manifestation of the human form itself, as most of the worshipped entities have human shape. Christians believe in Jesus as the Son of God, Muslims believe that Muhammad was a messiah who brought the message of God to the planet while Hindus worship nature and its powers like fire, water, wind and earth which are depicted by demigods in human shape, who might possess either sex. Christians, Muslim and Sikh religions are heavily oriented towards believing that God’s manifestation is exclusively in the male form, which is the dominant sex in human society on the planet. ...
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