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The Purpose of Religion

It is hard to find out the essence of the religion, but it is rather interesting to make an attempt to interpret its meaning and purpose for people. Further discussion is limited by terms of Abrahamic religions and Dharma religions. But before we start our discussion, it is interesting to discuss the role and purpose of religion as a universal phenomenon. For the majority of people, religion was invented for intimidation of people, their self-organization. Basically, religion is a limiting factor of our lives. Still, an initial intention of religion should not be sought in its purpose to oppress people, because the core issue of religion is enlightenment and steering people onto the right path.
Therefore, it is better to consider the purpose of religion from a more humane perspective. Religion facilitates our physical pain and spiritual wanderings; our grief and sorrow are diminished once we appeal for God. Moreover, we often go to church looking for redemption. Our daily blames and faults are facilitated in church or even when we appeal for God inside of us. When we think that God has forgiven our faults us, we feel much better. What is even more interesting is that through redemption we transform our faults and sins in our strengths. Thus, the purpose of religion is to assist us in our lives, to help and save our souls from grief and sorrow. Religion makes our lives better for sure. It is necessary not to look for its essence, but just believe in God and salvation. ...
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What is the purpose of religion? This question is rather interesting for the discussion. Almost all people in the world believe in God. Some of us have substituted their religious beliefs by logical interpretations of reality…
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