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Judaism and Islam Introduction Among the many existing religions in the world, perhaps there are no other two religions that have been at odds with each other aside from Islam and Judaism. They seem to be born enemies. This paper shall look into the customs and traditions of Judaism and Islam along with the formation of the sacred texts of the two religions.


Judaism Among the major religions in the world, Judaism can be said to have the oldest and richest history. Since the biblical times until the twentieth century, the Jews were persecuted, driven off of their land and then returned to their promised land. It is like the biblical story replayed again and again. The most basic of sacred texts of Judaism is the Torah. Depending on the context in which it is used, the term “Torah” may denote the meaning of either teaching or law (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs). It is also referred to as the Pentateuch because it is composed of the five books of Moses, namely, The Book of Genesis, The Book of Exodus, The Book of Leviticus, The Book of Numbers, and The Book of Deuteronomy (Jewish Globe). Interestingly, these books are also found in the bible used by Christians and the accounts contained in these books can also be found in the Moslem Qur’an. In terms of its creation, the Jews believe that the Torah was written by Moses as it was revealed to him sometime in 1380 BCE (Jewish Globe). They believe that the words contained in the Torah are the very words of God; they are not mere words of men who were inspired by God. The Torah contains the words of God himself. For this reason, the Torah is revered as the holiest of all the holy documents of Judaism. ...
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