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Vietnam War

The former imperialistic Roman Empire should serve as an example of how this cause and effect scenario plays out. A similar destiny awaits America if it refuses to stop repeating the rationalizations for military involvement that kept it in Vietnam for a decade. A result of justifications emanating from Cold War, anti-communism attitudes, Vietnam became the standard by which limitations of the American military can be measured. Following the U.S. victory over the Japanese in 1945, the U.S. and former Soviet Union became engaged in a politically ideological battle that enveloped much of the rest of the world, the Cold War. Communism was clearly America’s adversary and after the Soviets build the Berlin Wall and continued to dominate other Eastern European countries, which became known as ‘satellite’ nations of the Soviets, the U.S. decided to not allow communism to spread into far Southeast Asia for motivations that remain unclear. Though the U.S. used the atomic bomb in Asia less than 20 years earlier, it deployed thousands of troops to the jungles of Vietnam during the decade-long ‘police action’ despite pleas by some that ground troops were necessary only after ‘the bomb’ was dropped in a clean-up role. The fiasco of Vietnam instigated an anti-military response from the majority of American citizens which contributed to the Cold War’s end. ...Show more


Instructor name Date The Vietnam War U.S. involvement in Vietnam proves that there are limits to the capabilities of any military, even the largest and most sophisticated in the history of the world. Understanding this reality is, or should be, a vital facet of foreign policy…
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