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Religion and Theology
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Religion is an aspect that can be traced back, as early as the origin and existence of man. It concerns itself, with the faith and beliefs that humanity upholds. It revolves around, seeking to understand the origin of life, who is the creator, the moral basis of living, how to appease the source of life and live in agreement with the way life is meant to be since its inception (Harvey, 2000).


This creates the essence for various rituals, libations, cultures, behaviors and lifestyle as observed by different religious traditions. It is worth noting, the fact that there is no single religious tradition that can claim to have fully understood this mystery of the origin of life. This has created superstitious values systems and opinions that have eventually seen these traditional religions differ, based on locality, intellectual background and levels as well as on human tribes and races. Religion, as stated by Harvey (2000) is “any form of belief, about deity, often involving rituals, a code of ethics, and a philosophy of life”p.89. It is the pulling together of various cultures opinions and viewpoints that relate humanity to the spiritual world. However, any spiritual believe or viewpoint uphold by an individual is remarkably different from religion. This is because religion has the public outlook, where many people subscribe to such a faith. Thus, religion can simply be said to be a belief and/or a practice. Therefore, religion can be expressed in term of myths. These are kinds of stories explaining why a group subscribes to a certain faith. ...
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